Ideate. Prototype. Evaluate.

Remove the stress of the ideation phase of your new venture, brand, or product with Husssl Initiate©.
With business-centric guided strategic planning, build your plan and top notch scalable prototype with us.
Like all of our services, Initiate© comprises of a tailored blend of whichever services are most appropriate to turn your vision into reality.

I want to initiate…


Idea validation

Talk to our experts, do your research, and get a tangible sense of your project before going all in with development. Get us to do your market research, build your company, and build a prototype to gain feedback and test your product vision.

More speed, less haste!

With all great ideas, time is of the essence, but not at the cost of quality. Fast track your route to market with our Initiate services, and steal a lead on the competition, but don’t skip due diligence and risk wasting time and money later down the track.

Be investor credible

At the right time (clue: bootstrap as far as you can), we can help you demonstrate credibility, and create a prototype to present to investors along with market research and financial projections to back up your idea.


  • ideation
    Market research, financial projections, technical documentation and viability
  • business services
    Get your business set up, a logo and brand ID, or investment guidance under one roof
  • business strategy & pitch decks
    Extensive market research, define strategic goals, competition, monetisation strategy and financial forecasting
  • design
    Wireframing, UX, and UI design focused on amazing customer experiences
  • scoping and documentation
    Get a wireframe, scope document, PRD, or SRS to firm up the technical requirements
  • prototyping
    With wireframes, MVPs, and high-fidelity clickable prototypes, we can help you test the market and gain user and investor feedback with scalable solutions.
  • mentoring & consultancy
    Advice, guidance and mentorship from industry experts to help you define goals & direction

It’s time to initiate if…

  1. You have an idea for a product, but need signposts for where to start, to gain validation of the idea, and help in determining the core feature set.

  2. You have sketches, or wireframes, and want to produce a prototype.

  3. You want to gain investment, and need help in creating credibility.

  4. You want to build an MVP or prototype to test the market.

  1. We can guide you through every step, be it setting up a business, translating your ideas into an investor-worthy business strategy, or a product roadmap that captures your vision.

  2. We will turn your outlines into a high-fidelity prototype, and can make recommendations to optimise.

  3. We can equip you with tools such as business strategies, crowd funding campaigns, prototypes, pre-sign up mechanisms, and coaching, giving you the confidence to pitch credibily.

  4. Prototyping is the first step in developing your software product. We’re ready when you are.