Our capabilities.

Software development

Mobile and web solutions that meet your needs

  • Android app development
  • iOS app development
  • Hybrid app development

As a full stack development company, we know what it takes to build native and hybrid apps, and we have the team to do it. We know your clients live in a multi-device world, and our services are optimised across smartphones, tablets and iPads, as well as desktop, laptop and other devices. We use time-tested development software as our primary tech stack to deliver easy-to-use, intuitive apps. Our highly skilled app developers know the secret formula to develop apps that give you the best chance for success across the Apple and Google Play Store.

UX and UI Design

Intuitive designs that create “stickiness” and keep users engaged

  • User story mapping
  • Wireframing
  • Full UX design
  • Engaging and use case appropriate UI designs

Users don’t perceive that they are engaging with a piece of software, they are interacting with a brand, a service, a lifestyle. At Husssl we take the design process as seriously as the development. We aim to create intuitive user journeys based on proven techniques, and our collaborative design process focuses on what is right for the end-user to maximise usage and app engagement.

Strategic planning

A strategic vision needs direction, planning and effective management

  • Business strategy & pitch decks
  • Financial forecasting and monetisation strategies
  • World-class project management
  • Guided scoping and planning sessions
  • Consultancy and mentoring

We understand that you might be approaching this software venture with many unknowns. Our industry veterans are focused on guiding you through the process of actualising your idea, to create structure and focus, and making sure we keep our eye on the prize.

Partnership, flexibility and transparency

We pride ourselves on being a flexible agency, with you at the heart of everything we do

  • Partnership approach to working
  • Full transparency of our process
  • Flexible payment options

We focus on ensuring transparency throughout the process of building your software, from scoping, quoting, and delivery. We try to build as much flexibility and contingency into our process as possible, to allow you to plan your budget and project milestones effectively.

Our process.

We pride ourself on transparency of the process, and it is our mission to myth-bust the app development process and clear the smoke and mirrors.

Initial engagement


    Congratulations, you have taken the first step! You have an idea, and decide it’s time to figure out if it’s got legs


    We take your privacy seriously – we will sign a mutual NDA to give you extra comfort


    We will go through an extensive discovery process, to ensure we understand your project completely


    We will go away and work on a bespoke proposal that takes into account your project needs


    We take our time in educating you and sharing the project details with you, and going through a process of guided planning to give you full confidence to move forward

Software design


    You have now reached a major milestone, your prototype is now done! Exciting times ahead!


    With constant collaboration and communication, we produce all of the high fidelity screen design needed for your app


    One of our award winning designers will come up with some design mock ups for you to give feedback on


    Once we are clear on the user journeys, we start wireframing, and mapping out the User Experience (UX)


    Our business analysts will start working on user stories, to ensure we understand what you want your customer to experience


    Our talented developers are now ready to start the process of software development, things might go a bit quiet in terms of collaboration, but we will keep you updated with project milestones


    From our planning stage, we will already know about the 3rd party integrations, and possible web based needs, we ensure these are robustly completed


    We give you the product for user testing, take feedback, and make final minor amendments.


    Our QA specialists are testing the quality of your software throughout the build, but we spend extra time debugging before releasing it to you


    Congratulations! We are now ready to publish to the app stores, or release the final software!